Nearly 120,000 people in SoDo for soldout Mariners and Taylor Swift

23 July 2023

Both of SoDo’s stadiums had sold-out events. The Mariners-Blue Jays game filled T-Mobile park to capacity and Lumen Field had sold-out crowds for Taylor Swift’s Eras tour. The three fan groups took over Occidental Avenue Saturday afternoon.

The combined capacities of the two stadiums are about 117,000. That’s how many people the short stretch of the city will see pass through. It’s not hard to tell who’s a fan of what either with Swifties dressed in their favorite Eras, and they went all out.

“Right when we got those tickets we were like yes! Now we got to look for those outfits!” said Sophie, one who’s with a group of Swifties.

They were all dressed to the 9′s and their sequence and rhinestones illuminated Lumen Field’s north parking lot.

“It’s been so much fun just looking and seeing which album you wanted to go with and the sparkles and everything.”

Taylor Swift fans sold out the nearly 69,000-seat stadium. That’s not including floor spots. Just next door at T-Mobile Park, Blue Jays fans helped sell out that game, bringing thousands of Canadians across the border for both events.

“It was a very long line. I’ve never seen it – like it was backed up onto the freeway” said Sarah Lacey. She added, “You can see just see in the line-up. It was like you’re either in a sparkly outfit or you’re wearing a Blue Jays hat.”

Sarah and her sister made the trip from Vancouver Saturday morning. The highlight of her night isn’t seeing Taylor live, it’s snagging some coveted Swiftie merch.

“We will see what’s available. I don’t know how much stuff is in that truck but whatever they have we’ll see. You must buy something. If we wait 5 hours in line you got to buy something,” Lacey said. She added, “We’re not even going to the concert we’re just happy to be here and listen.”

One budding Swiftie got creative with how they passed the time waiting in the merch line.

“We were just making bracelets for Taylor,” said Kaelan.

Some parents waiting in line, in place of their Swiftie.

“We were in line so they could go get ready cause it’s going to take them 5 hours to get ready so we’ve been parked out here for several hours to get the merch and we scored. We totally scored. It was worth it,” said Teresa Kennedy.

She also said they did some recon Friday to see what they got themselves into by volunteering to play proxy.

“We drove by yesterday and we saw how long the lines were so when we were walking to get bagels this morning and we saw they we were like I’m going to hop in line, you guys get breakfast,” said Teresa.

Swifties and baseball fans got to Occidental Ave on foot, scooter, bike, train, and car. The people looking to park their car will have to pay top dollar.

“First we saw $90 and then we saw $120. I grew up in Seattle, I don’t live here now but I’ve never seen that price before it’s crazy,” said Michael Nollan. He added, “But people are doing it. they’re parking and that’s what’s so shocking.”

The Light Rail train will run an hour later Saturday and Sunday nights, with the last ride leaving at 2 a.m. Police are also stationed both in and around all major events across Seattle as an extra safety measure.

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