Michigan woman out of jail after light sentence for killing dad by throwing chemical

26 July 2023

PONTIAC, Mich. (AP) — A young woman convicted of killing her father by burning him with a chemical drain cleaner was given a light sentence and released after more than a year in a suburban Detroit jail.

Megan Imirowicz, 19, of Groveland Township was found guilty of use of harmful devices/irritants causing death during a four-day trial in June.

Oakland County Judge Victoria Valentine sentenced Imirowicz to a year in jail Tuesday in addition to five years of probation and other conditions. She was released because the length of her custody before and after the trial — 506 days — had already exceeded the sentence, The Oakland Press reported.

“This was not the sentence we advocated for. However the judge ultimately decides what sentence will be imposed,” David Williams, chief assistant prosecutor, told the newspaper.

Imirowicz was arrested after throwing lye, a chemical drain cleaner, on Konrad Imirowicz, 64, while he was sleeping in 2021. He survived for five months before dying in March 2022.

Megan Imirowicz was upset with her father because he was drunk and unable to drive her to a hair appointment before an 18th birthday party, according to prosecutors.

“The prosecution has tried to make me look like a monster but that’s not me and never was,” Imirowicz told the judge, saying her father was her “hero” and “best friend.”

“One of the biggest things overlooked in this case is that me and my siblings lost my dad, too. … I am the best parts of him. I’m his daughter. But without him I don’t know who I am any more,” she told the judge.

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