Video: Ursula goes to her 40th-year high school class reunion

21 August 2023

“Those four years of high school are very impactful,” KIRO Newsradio’s Ursula Reutin said as she celebrated her 40th-year high school class reunion.

“It’s kind of like an opportunity to reclaim those memories,” she said. Ursula returned to her 1983 high school roots in Eugene, Ore.

This past year, reminded Ursula of the passage of time. “I think it is a tribute to be 58 years old,” Ursula said after describing the memorials at the event.

“There were good and bad memories,” she said. “It was nice to remember all of it.”

Ursula explained that even the Comfort Inn she stayed in brought back memories. “It was clean and nice. There were no bedbugs. And even the eggs were good.”

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