‘Speak up’: Boeing executive wants employees, suppliers to discuss safety

12 February 2024

A Boeing executive told suppliers and employees to “speak up” about safety at the Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance conference in Lynnwood last week.

“We need more collaboration. We have to have a free-to-speak-up culture,”Ihssane Mounir, senior vice president of global supply chain for Boeing’s commercial airplanes, said, The Everett Herald reported.

The plea comes after a series of problems with Boeing jets, especially on the Boeing 737 Max 9.

“The safety of our products and the people who step into our products is the core value of Boeing,” Mounir continued.

Attorney’s allegations: Boeing 737 Max 9 ‘was a ticking bomb’

Boeing hopes for a culture shift after a door plug blew off a jetliner during a with passengers onboard last month. No one was injured in that accident, but it has put the aerospace in a negative light.

In a preliminary report released Tuesday, the National Transportation and Safety Board (NTSB) stated that four bolts designed to hold the door panel were missing.

NTSB: Bolts on Boeing jetliner were missing before a panel blew out midflight

“The airplane is the ultimate teller of truth,” Mounir said. “It shows we’re all working together when we deliver quality. … We serve the airlines by delivering quality.”

The conference is designed to have aerospace workers and experts come together to help solve the industry’s problems.

Boeing returned to this year’s conference after not being represented for the past two years.

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